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In an ideal world, your website is an online advert available 24/7. But only if your website comes up in search engines. That's where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes in.

It is incredibly difficult for a website owner to recognise when a SEO 'expert' is telling the truth, and when they are simply trying selling you a package for something that is years out of date.

I have come across so many myths from SEO 'experts' over the years - things that don't stand up under scrutiny.


You must have Meta Keywords. Search Engines stopped looking at Meta Keywords in in the early 2000s for one simple reason. Search Engine Optimisers could distort page ranking just through meta keywords.

Your target keywords must appear on the page lots of times. There's a balance to be had - if you repeat keywords too many times you are penalised for keyword stuffing. If you don't have them enough, your page won't rank highly. It's very simple - if your page reads like it's stuffed with keywords, it's both a turn off for your visitors and also for search engines. Don't do it!

More links are better than more content. This is simply not true. Back in the bad old days site owners paid SEO 'experts' to supply links to their sites from any old website. The knock-on effect was that SEO people set up websites in far off corners of the world just to link to your website. It's link spam. The only good link to your site is from a website that is relevant to your own.

It doesn't matter if your site isn't secure. That's no longer true.

The only thing that matters is your search engine ranking. This sound true doesn't it? But other factors matter even more than this. The biggest one is making sure people don't visit one page and then leave the site (a bounce) - as that's an indicator that your site is not relevant to that keyword search. Bounces cause your site to go down in the rankings.

There are many more SEO myths, and those above just scratch the surface. Search engine optimisation is an art-form and can, in the right hands, pay for itself. At its best it's like advertising without having to pay for it.

Our approach is customised to each client

Whether it be built-in search engine optimisation - which we include as standard, a targeted keyword/phrase research approach that identifies opportunities and search volume, or a holistic approach that looks at everything to do with the website including speed - we have the most appropriate solution for the success of your healthcare website.

Based on extensive knowledge built on experience in the industry for over 20 years, we provide medical and healthcare websites the very best kick-start possible. A good SEO campaign reduces the need to rely on costly cost-per-click advertising campaigns.

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